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Short little drabble based on the 4x17 webclip. I call it…Desperate Times.

I recommend you actually watch the 4x17 webclip first before you read this, just so it’ll make a little sense.


“So what exactly is it that you wanted to talk about, mate?” Klaus drawled as he entered the next room, a library, with Stefan, “I understand that Silas has something to do with it, but I’m not particularly concerned about him at the moment. I only care to find Katherine and the cure.”

The Salvatore brother turned to face him, his face somber, “Then you might be interested to know that Caroline is at risk.”

Klaus paused for a moment, “What are you talking about?”

“Bonnie contacted me early this morning, panicked. She said that Shane had shown up on her doorstep hours after she returned from the island, though you and I know that Rebekah said that he was dead.”

“Apparently, Silas had taken the form of Shane and manipulated Bonnie into bringing back his original form. He knocked her out and disappeared, but not before telling her to relay a message.”

Klaus stepped closer, his arms now behind his back, “And what might that be?”

“Apparently, Silas is attracted to pure souls. He dilutes them, taints them, and eventually devours their humanity until there is nothing left but a pure monster. He latches onto a single spark of hatred and multiplies it tenfold. These pure souls come in handfuls only once a millennium.”

“And you think that Caroline is one of them.” Klaus chuckled, though deep inside his undead heart was beginning to race. He looked down as he strolled about the room,  “Vampires do not retain souls, Stefan, they die with the human.”

“Pure souls are retained even after death, Klaus,” Stefan said tiredly, turning to follow Klaus’s movements, “Caroline is one of them, Bonnie made sure of it…and if you couldn’t already tell from a few minutes ago, Silas’s influence is already starting to affect her.”

Klaus scoffed, turning back to Stefan, “And why should I care? She hates me, she said that not five minutes ago.”

“Because she’s being influenced, Klaus!” Stefan cried, his arms rising in his frustration. He brought his hands up to scrub his face for a few seconds, before putting them back down, “She cares about you, Klaus. I know. She’s told me.”

The hybrid suddenly wished that he could know what exactly she has told the younger Salvatore.

“She’s upset at you about Tyler, of course, and that is exactly the spark that Silas was looking for and now he’s using it.” Stefan explained, “Caroline told me that she doesn’t want to give up on you. She says that she knows that you have humanity in you and that she wants to save it. So help me save her humanity, Klaus. Don’t give up on her.”

Klaus stayed silent, his teeth gritting in his mouth. Damn her. Damn her for making him feel this way.

The sound of pointless grunge music and lifeless laughter that sounded like Caroline but at the same time didn’t came from the living room, turning his attention away for a moment.

Caroline. Sweet, beautiful Caroline. She deserved none of this, none of this constant torture and danger. Her light was dimming. He wouldn’t allow it to fade. Not on his watch.

And if it ended in her hating him, well…so be it.

If it saved her, if it kept her from losing what he liked—no…what he loved about her the most, her humanity, than it would be worth it. He would be there for her, whenever she needed him, or even if she didn’t.

Klaus turned back to Stefan, who had been looking towards the living room as well, concern etched all over his face. He soon turned to face Klaus once again, waiting for an answer. The hybrid nodded slowly.

“So what’s your plan, ripper?”